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Snac Matic


Snac Matic

Profile Information

  • Musicians Type:   Hip Hop / Rap
  • Voice-Overs Type:   Narration
  • Gender:   Male
  • Age:   34
  • Country:   South Africa
  • Languages Known:   English
  • Height:   180cm/5ft 11inch
  • My Services:   MC/Presenter, Performing Artist, Music Producer, Songwriter, and Recording Artist



Snac Matic can claim being one of the few young musicians; who have the ability to turn his artistic

talents into a lucrative business for anyone interested in investing in him – meaning that it is safe to say

that the RETURN ON INVESTMENT is guaranteed when it comes to the Snac Matic brand.

This is evident in his communication abilities and maturity characteristics.  Unlike many young artists;

Snac Matic is one of those artists that knows what they want and is able to walk into the boardroom

and walk out with exactly what he intended achieving.

It is rare to find a young artists in South Africa; who has mastered the ability to not only deliver himself

as a talented artist – but also as a built brand that has high potential on translating

any investment made on him; into lucrative profits.

It is further safe to conclude that Snac Matic; is open for business and able to let

the profits begin escalating through his brand and artistic talent.


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