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Lil Scotty P


Lil Scotty P

Profile Information

  • Musicians Type:   Hip Hop / Rap
  • Gender:   Male
  • Age:   20
  • Country:   United States
  • Languages Known:   English
  • My Services:   Performing Artist, Songwriter, and Recording Artist



Armed with three strong tracks, the EP “Momma I’m Sorry” starts off with the street anthem Clownin which is guaranteed to be an instant fan favorite. Rapping about the gritty streets, Lil Scotty P gives a clear picture of the hood life; “touched my first gun I had just turned twelve / only fifteen when I touched my first cell/boy it’s body after body like I’m growing up in hell / Fifteen with the chopper I was really in the field.” Led by a beautiful piano that’s backed by a thumping bass and awesome sound effects, the next track, Ride For Me, is sure to be heard booming in every sound system from the west coast, to the east coast, and everywhere in between, as soon as the EP is released. The last track, Can’t Lie To My Brother – which is also Lil Scotty P’s track for his new visual, has a smooth guitar melody and a heavy 808 bassline that’s sure to dominate any party setting while having fans from all walks of life singing along to the catchy chorus.

Momma I’m Sorry is an impressive hip hop debut, as Lil Scotty P – who’s known for his energetic flow, definitely brings enough fuel for the fire with his passionate display of rhyming skills from start to finish.


Debut EP


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