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Representation Requirements

Here's all you need

Below are the important materials you need to JOIN
Morgeez Talent Management


Although we believe in Raw Talent, but its always an advantage to have some form of experience before contacting the agency.

Portfolio Photos

This is the entertainment industry. Whether you are a model, actor or musician, dj, comedian or tv presenter/radio host, we want your professional profile photos. If you do not have any, click here.

Voice Over Demos/Clips

This is specifically for those who are seeking representation as voice-over talents. We want your professionally recorded voice clips either as per produced demos or actual clips of commercials you have done in the past. See our voice over demos production package here.

Music Videos

This is for those who are seeking representation as musicians of all genre. Simply send us your work including an EP of minimum 4 tracks or complete album,  music videos or an EPK. 

Special note:

It is not FREE to Join Morgeez Talent Agency anymore. This is because we no longer deal on movie extras. We only want highly talented individuals with experience or with special talents without experience but willing to take up our classes and grow. We only want people or talents that are marketable.


Like they say: "knowledge is power"; so we expect that you have knowledge of your industry, either by college degree or years of performing experience.

Showreels or EPK

By Show reels we mean video clips of your performances either put together as a 3 minutes trailer video or as an electronics press kit. This can also be professionally produced for you if you haven’t got much performances under your belt as yet. Click here

Action Photos

Action Photos as the name implies means photos of your performances. This is similar to the trailer video except this will be still images of you doing your thing. This helps the agency to show the world who you are. We can assist you in compiling your action photos. Contact us for further info.

Screen Test

This forms part of our talent development program. The screen-test involves a mock audition in which you are given a script to act out in front of a camera. It also entails singing, rapping, dancing and modeling. The Screen test is a great way to start at Morgeez Talent Management as it enables us to evaluate your performance and make professional management decisions. Take a look at Screen Test plans

If you do not have the above materials, note that we can help you put them together with professional advice and guidance. Best place to start if you are a newbie or just want to take your career to a higher ground is via our talent advice.