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What's the job of a Talent Casting Agency

Talent Agent

morgeez talent agency

morgeez talent agency

A talent agent works for a talent agency where they use their contacts to arrange auditions for the actors represented by the agency. Actors need a talent agent to survive. Having or securing the services of a talent agent is the performers first step towards a successful career.  A talent agent is able to provide an actor with auditions they would not otherwise know about. Without the appropriate industry auditions, an actor’s career will go nowhere. Securing auditions for the performer is the main job of the talent agent. 

Agents spend most of the day on the phones, looking through the “breakdowns” (a daily listing of all the acting roles the studios/casting directors are seeking) and submitting pictures to casting directors, hoping to get you in on an audition. If an agent works hard for you, they may be able to get frequent auditions for you. This is a good thing because the more acting auditions you go on, the better chance you’ll have of getting a part. Agents also negotiate contracts and how much money you get if you do get an acting role. However, most of the days are spent trying to get you the audition.  

An actor should never pay a talent agent up front for auditions or representation. A legitimate talent agent should receive a 15 to 25% commission or in some cases 30 - 45% commission depending on contract terms and more also depending on how the agent got the talent discovered, developed or investment on the talent prior to exposure. And this commission is deduced for jobs obtained for the actor.

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