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Screen Test - A Talent Showcase

Screen test helps directors and producers to know who is best suitable for a role.


morgeez talent agency

morgeez talent agency

Screen test forms an integral part of the talent scouting mission. In order to determine a performer’s capability and level of competence. During screen test a presenter, model, actor and other performer are given a scene or selected lines and instructed to perform in front of a camera. The recorded video is later evaluated and reviewed by management comprising of talent scout, agent and manager.

The actor may be asked to bring a prepared monologue. Alternatively, the actor may be given a script to read at sight. This is referred to as cold reading.

If the team are satisfied with the level of performance of the talent, he or she is then considered for admission into Morgeez Talent Management. In most cases, recommendations on how a talent can get developed are put forward to performers who did not cut through the heart of the management team.


Most actors chose to be sending action photos or elaborate text profile as resume to agents. This should not be the last resort if you are looking for any trust in your ability to perform. The very best options for putting your talent out there to industry players should be distinct performance video clips. This is why attending each and every screen test put before you is compulsory.

Every on-camera screen test you attend boosts your confidence. This improves your performance ability and  increase your chance for getting selected by directors. My advise is that if you want to make it far in the performing art industry, ensure you are always available for screen tests.  Whether you are an amateur or a professional, it does not matter as every action is not the same as the last one.

Well, folks. There you have it. We appreciate your comments. To book for a screen test at Morgeez Talent Management, click here. We appreciate your comments. Cheers!



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