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Joe Ndege

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Joe Ndege

  • Age : 29
  • Country : South Africa
  • Height : 5'10 (177 cm)
  • Chest / Bust : 98cm / 38'6



      Waking Life Media:


       I’m currently working as the editor-in-chief of

      Waking Life Media and I’m in charge of

      producing and distributing content.

       At Waking Life Media, I started out by simply

      creating articles and conducting interviews

      with up and coming artists. What started out

      as something small has turned into something

      where I co-ordinate everything aided by my

      team of 5 (excluding me).

       I’m tasked with making sure that when

      celebrities and the like come to Waking Life



      Media that they’re briefed with what happens

      as well as seeing that content creation goes off

      without a hitch. I’m lucky enough to have

      access to a lot of influencers in the

      entertainment industry.

       I’m also responsible for sponsorship and

      advertising deals. In a sense, I set up

      meetings between our media company and

      other brands. From clothing brands to other

      types of advertisers, I’m the main person who

      deals with all of this.

       If content isn’t approved by me, it does not go

      through. Thus in addition to editing most

      content, I also have to pre-approve content as

      well as work closely with other producers to

      re-approve that the content is ready and good

      enough for distribution

       As the company has grown, I’ve been tasked

      with aiding clients with their social media

      pages and generate content for these pages.

      As well as make sure their content is engaging

      and helps bring more awareness to

      UNISA, Pretoria:

      LLB Degree (Law)


      I’m currently doing my final year in law. Law is

      very fulfilling as it teaches you about how to

      conduct yourself and also how to make hard

      decisions in pressure situations in addition to

      leadership qualities and how to take charge.


      Language – English, French and Afrikaans

      Computer Skills – Typing and programming

      Adobe Premier Pro

      Adobe After Effects (Still


      • Name : Tambwe
      • Age : 29
      • Country : South Africa
      • Height : 5'10 (177 cm)
      • Chest / Bust : 98cm / 38'6
      • Waist : 92cm / 36'2
      • Hair Color : Black
      • Eye Color : Brown
      • Shoe Size : 11
      • Shirt Size : 44