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Talent Manager

The responsibility of a Talent Manager


morgeez talent agency

morgeez talent agency

Hence Morgeez Talent Managers invest a great deal of time and energy into a performer’s potential,
and into a long-term career for their clients, long before the actor/performer has a track record of booking consistently. They typically work with their clients over a period of a number of years. They tend to genuinely care about their clients, almost like a family, and protect their clients from the harmful situations that may be encountered in the dog-eat-dog world of show business. A talent manager is the one who believes in and keeps fighting for a client when all others have given up. The following are some things that many talent managers may also do:

  • Prepare talent for meetings with potential talent agencies.
  • Arrange introductions to agents
  • Help talent decide on a talent agency for representation.
  • Advise talent on acting classes and coaching.
  • Help talent choose a good photographer and pick out headshots.
  • Promote talent to industry professionals to try to help talent get auditions.
  • Prepare resume or advise talent on preparation of a resume.
  • Help make any and all decisions related to talent’s career.
  • Answer questions on anything related to a career in show business.
The differences between a talent agent and a talent manager vary, but their responsibilities are geared toward the same goal… advancing an actor’s career and getting the actor more acting jobs so the actors makes more money. A good manager will help shape the direction an actor goes so as to generate the most revenue. 

The bottom line is that when an actor succeeds and gets paid, everybody gets paid. Both talent agents and Morgeez talent managers will work hard to make that happen. 

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