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A showreel is a short promotional film that showcases the work of an Actor, Artist or Presenter. A showreel is an actor’s main marketing tool as it acts as a kind of visual CV or Resume.

Video Reel

More than one actors combine resources to create a showreel. Saving method for actors.
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Voice Reel

A montage of artists work filmed/edited in HD is highly effective marketing tool.
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Showreels for Presenters

Morgeez helps presenters create powerful showreels to enhance their career success
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Talent Photoshoots

Morgeez helps models produce great showreels for them to achieve commercial success.
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What makes a Showreel?

Showreels usually consist of excerpts from an actor’s television or film work that has been professionally edited together into a smooth running sequence.

For actor’s without any film or television credits, short scenes and monologues can be filmed and then edited into a showreel sequence by Morgeez Showreel production department

Showreel Format.

The most common format for a Showreel is either burnt onto DVD or compressed into a file for upload onto the internet (for example Mpeg4 or .mov files)

What are Showreels used for?

A showreel is an excellent way for agents to promote an actor to a Casting Director or Director with the aim of gaining a screen test. Showreels can also be used to gain representation from an agent or at least secure an initial interview.

What is the ideal length of a Showreel?

A well crafted showreel will leave the viewer wanting to see more and so a running time of no more than 5 minutes is ideal. In essence the shorter and punchier the showreel the better, as most Casting Professionals have limited time to view material and will usually make up their mind about an actor within the first 30 seconds.