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SABC challenges musicians

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SABC (South African Broadcasting Corporation) stunned everyone to the delight of South African musicians, when they announced the lucrative 90 percent airplay for local music and 10 percent foreign. Although, SABC got a baby smack on the back for this onerous policy stand point, but pundits said it has being long overdue. Personally, I tend to differ from the pundits from being to quick to either claim victory or ignore the magnitude of the favor, the SABC has done to the music industry by this very single decision.

My point is that SABC is a public broadcaster who relies on advertisers and other commercial grab and grab means to make money, they were not really obliged. So I congratulate the SABC and say “Thank You”.

Now what does this opportunity means to the music industry in South Africa? One, I must now remind musicians that the  era of mediocrity is gone. This means musicians need to and has to be able to write and produce materials that are of significance. This means staying entertaining and at the same time keeping your message intact.

Having said these, the commercial end to this cannot be over emphasized. Musicians has to capitalized on the outburst the financial rewards that comes with this kind of airplays. Obviously, superstardom doesn’t get any better than this. That all this means for a musician in South Africa is that, “work hard and get paid real good.” This article has to has some other extension but let me end here for this little points to stick. Always fee free to contact me on with any related artists management questions you might have. Remember, I also appreciate your comments and contributions..

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