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Review Process

We review every talent submission we recieve

Talent Profile & Application Review

When you submit your profile, please give it up to 24hours for your profile to be published. For urgency, send us an email to Please note that we review any talent profile added to our site. This is to ensure we do not publish prohibited contents and or obscene materials. 


Before joining the agency, if you have no industry experience, please take a minute to read our Membership Advise Page for you to have an idea of what it takes to join an agency.

Having mentioned the above, please take into consideration that we are here to assist you take your career to the next level. Hence we will provide necessary guidance and support.

In order to get full support, free advise and mentoring, it is strongly recommended take one of the available premium package. Premium packages gives you:

  1. Unlimited access to our experts
  2. Have show-reel created for you
  3. Have your free photo-shoot
  4. We not you have to be trusted online so we create a personal website for you too.
  5. Professional advise all year round
  6. Jobs nominations and regular casting calls.

The opportunities and support are unlimited. Click here to get your Premium Membership now!

INTERNATIONAL CANDIDATES: Interview process maybe carried-out via SKYPE

What we looking for !

1. Applicants should ensure they submit a fully completed Talent Submission Form.

2. Management to thoroughly check talents information, Head shots, Show-reels and Bios for eligibility and acceptability into the agency.

3. Applicants maybe interviewed, inline with their chosen talent categories in other for management to ascertain their knowledge of industry and skill pattern. This is for Premium Members only.

4. Talents without experience shall be introduced to our workshops and skills development programs that will help raise their level of skills and performances. These can be conducted via Skype. (Our Skype ID:

5. All Candidates subscribe to our regular terms and conditions. Click here to read through it.

6. We strongly recommend hiring a professional company to produce your show-reels. To this end, we suggest you choose from our available show-reel production packages so we can build you from ground up originally. Great advantage for marketing you.

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