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Create / Manage your talent portfolio

The is where you manage you portfolio as a talent. Please note that this is the basis of our talent representation. If your portfolio is not professional enough, we won't publish it on our site and we won't be able to nominate you for any job opportunities to our clients.

Please do contact us to ask for help on how to get real good sellable materials to boost your portfolio. We are here to help and guide those in need. For those who are experience enough, you are welcome to show-off what you gat and we are here to fully represent you. Now, lets do this!!! Use the form below to create or edit your portfolio now....

Have an idea from this video and contact us for help


  1. Copy of valid Identity Document
  2. Register and complete your resume 
  3. Let your portfolio speak for itself.
  4. We want to see a professional talent portfolio on our website as this is what the industry requires.

Note: Joining Morgeez Talent Agency is quite free but you wanna step ahead of the pack, you will definitely consider our premium membership. Learn more

Premium membership let you get unlimited access and use of this portal, you get free professional advise from our experts, we professionally

Who can Join Morgeez Talent Agency?

Whether you have being trained or not, is not a problem as we have different departments that cater for both the professionals and amateur talents alike. Its very important to complete your personal profile details and make sure your resume is what we all can be proud of. 

You may want to book our expert advise for a proper and professional head-start.  This will enable us have a clear direction and understanding of your capabilities and help us channel your talents in the right path towards success.

Why you must claim your Premium Membership

  1. Free Industry Advice that can help shape your career
  2. Offline Portfolio Management - full guidance on how to cut the right materials 
  3. Online Portfolio Management - free social media profile publication
  4. Renewable Membership - automatic membership renewal
  5. Unlimited Free Consultations 
  6. Jobs Sourcing on Your Behalf
  7. Casting Calls Notices - regular available casting calls
  8. Global Auditions - global auditions informations and guidance
  9. A free personal website design and hosted by us to put you online in a more professional manner
  10. Get professional showreels created and produced for you to enhance opportunities.

Lets us know for all of these if you have any questions, regarding your membership and showreel productions