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Join Morgeez Talent Management


  • Register yourself or Login if you already registered. Once you registered the data is stored in our database and the password is generated and sent to your email address. Login with the password you received and then you will be redirected to your member dashboard where you have an option to create your Portfolio / Profile, you can add images, videos and personal information. 
  • If you would like to submit your profile for us to professionally manage your talent and present you for job opportunities locally and internationally, click here. Please note that this is a paid service. Ensure your proof of payment to your chosen talent management package is received with application otherwise you may face the risk of your application being rejected and deleted from our system. 
  • Please only submit NATURAL but professionally taken photographs, no photoshopped photos are required, as we wish to see you in your most natural and clean state.
  • Digitally enhanced photographs are NOT to be submitted.
  • All photographs are to be sent in color.
  • Also include some photos without wear make-up, as we must see your true skin complexion.
  • Hair must be naturally styled and must not obstruct your face