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Freelance continental models and talents scouts needed

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Model and Talent Agency

Models and Talents Scouts are needed urgently in all African countries. Scouts are to initiate the necessary steps towards recruiting various talents and models for Morgeez Model and Talent Agency. Talents that can work on movie production,  tv commercials productions, work on radio, sports teams or for various producers in the entertainment industry.

Scouts are to use various means including visit to sporting events, talent shows or college plays to recruit talented individuals or groups in the performing art industry. Talent scouts are to work as partners and affiliate of Morgeez Models and Talent Agency and get commission of the work of their scouted talents in the agency books.

Education and Training Requirements
Previous performing experience is recommended as there are no compulsory educational qualification required to execute your duties as a talent scout. Additionally, talent scouts has to be blessed with great communication skills, personality traits and know exactly where to scout targeted talents and models. ABILITY to create awesome models and talents portfolios is highly essential.

Getting the Job
You should be self-motivated. As a talent scout you need to display excellent communication skills, and show that you have a good understanding of where to go and find talented people that are right for the agency.



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