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How to succeed as an actor

Few hints on how to succeed as actor, presenter. musician and other talents

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How to succeed as an actor? A question synonymous to an industry rocked by great talent with hunger for success. In my many years working in the performing art industry, but as a performer and to behind the scene professional as casting director, talent scout, talent manager, production facilitator to executive producer; I have come to realize that the tools actors and other talents need to excel in this industry are not as many as they are perceived and also not as hard-to-get as everybody thinks. So the issue of how to succeed as an actor and other talents can easily be dealt with depending individual perception and knowledge.

Many have given up on their dreams simply because of lack of knowledge of what exactly is required of them. While many struggle with hard head thinking they can make it all by themselves. Some questions and doubt every operational strategy put before them and disrespect every principle of the industry. Anyway, those are not my point right now.

My main focus on this article is to show you how to succeed as an actor using  the very basic tools you need to grow in the entertainment/performing art industry and succeed as an actor, musicians and other talent. This very tools might not just be the only ones required but they are the fundamental and elementary instrument you must possess in your arsenal in order to have a chance of moving up the ladder as a performer/entertainer.

Now! How to succeed as an actor, presenter, musician etc

  1. Talent : ensure you are naturally gifted this is what talent is all about. Talent is a natural gift from God. Its a special skill in any form that you have being used to performing even before you start talking. You know yourself very well and what you are capable of.
  2. Be honest about yourself and your talent
  3. If you are able to get a college degree based on your talent, that will be awesome.
  4. No College degree? No problem. But ensure you get some form of exposure through short term trainings, workshops and even associate yourself with or hire a mentor to learn the skills of trade from. (Morgeez can definitely help you in this regard?
  5. Get a real cool agent who is passionate about the success of other people like Morgeez Talent Agency.
  6. Get a manager who is vast in the industry. A progressive and knowledgable talent management company like Morgeez should be able to help you reach the pinnacle of your career.
  7. Listen and pay attention to advices from your agent and manager at a time. Do not make the mistake of joining more than one agent at a time.
  8. No room to jump the gun: ensure all materials required by your agent are provided. These includes showreels, voice reels, portfolio profiles and other tools.
  9. Ensure your agent is always available to answer your questions anytime, organize workshops for skills couching, act as a mentor just like Morgeez Talent Management and among many others. Not just an agent who send you only a handful casting notice in a year.
    Now having said these, you need to be sure of the category of talent you are. Know your strong performance genre and perfect your craft. As there’s no room for mediocrity in the performing art industry. Do not take chances. Do not say I can do it where you know you have no clue. You might just be wasting your own time. So learn to save precious time. Now, you heard it. Let us have your comments and suggestions too. Lets grow the community and let all of us benefit together.
    We do appreciate your comments.

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