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We all wrapped up in a small state of mind many times seeking what to do and where to go. Forgetting we have all in takes to do it all and become whoever we want to become.

How to make talent work for you

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Talent is something everyone has. As long as you are a human being, there is or are bundles of talent stocked in each and everyone of us. Matter of fact, all living creatures has one form of talent or the other. Based on the fact that man was ‘created’ in God’s own image strikes reality to this pointer.

[su_heading]How to make your talent work for you? Your Technical Ability[/su_heading]

As a professional in the performing art industry, the whispers are almost too loud at times from younger people and even older folks telling me ‘Oh I can do it, I feel I can do this.” One thing for sure is that, is not the feeling that matters. Its how you’ve being acting resemblance of what you claiming is your talent that really matters.

Now, enough of introspect. Having realize you have talent either in sport, entertainment, science, politics or any other discipline, what you do about it is what counts. I mean the moves you make towards activating that which you realize is your talent. But the question is how do one activate this talent impulse? This could be answered more properly if one goes back to the days as a child growing up. Try remember the things you do as a juvenile and or elementary school activities that gets one fascinated. Those activities that one were or was actively involved in during kindergarten to secondary level. They are great yardstick for measuring talent in us.

In the light of knowing or having an idea what our talents are, how do we work with the talents we have? Or per se’ how do we make our talents work for us? I think - I mean, ‘I THINK’, one of the way to start harnessing your talent is developing it. Bringing it to life, to plant it in your daily live so you can live with it every second of the day. And this can only be achieved when we search for the people or groups who shares the same talent or vision?

Once we have dealt with it in this manner and more other appropriate manner, then its time to nurture it, I mean train it to become a professional skill. This is where some form of education or mentorship plays a major role in turning your talent into skills and then turns your dream into reality.

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