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How to Join a Talent Agency

Basic steps towards a successful application for representation by a talent agency

morgeez talent agency

morgeez talent agency

Many talented people in the performing art industry has always find it a bit hard to find the right talent agency to entrust their career. Some, definitely are clueless about the right step to take. If you are a talent looking for a talent agency to fully represent and manage your career, here are some of the things you need to do to get guaranteed representation by an agency.

  1. Ensure you have authentic identification this will be needed to validate some of your incoming payments among others
    2. Some agency minimum annual membership fee mandatory for covering your initial application processing, profile photos, uploading your showreels/portfolios, managing your online profile etc. Please note that those signing up for non-talent jobs such as extras or fill-in jobs may not pay this amount.
    3. Registration forms must be filled with accurate details provided.

4. Professional photos must be submitted (1 headshot,one body shot and 1 full length). Note that we also need your original photos without makeup nor edited.
5. Z-Cards are also useful
6.If you are a voice over artist, you must upload minimum 3 commercial voiceover sample clips, radio presenting clip not longer than 2mins. Singers/rappers must upload 2-3mins long vocal clips
7. If you are an actor, you must upload a professional showreel of minimum 3 min with different scenes and sequences.
8.Professional models must submit up to 10 or more various profile photos.
9. Models should have video reel of pose and cat walk if in possession.
10. Ensure you read and understand the agency terms and conditions. This is often undermined by many talents but its actually one of the most important steps towards joining any talent agency.

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